Settlers' Stewed Pumpkin for Thanksgiving

It's a sad fact that there was nary a spicy, creamy pumpkin pie in sight for the hungry New England settlers that first Thanksgiving.  They most probably ate their pompion, as pumpkin was then called, as a vegetable, and as the English did with all vegetables then, probably cooked it nearly to oblivion. Kids raised on pumpkin pies, breads, cookies, ice cream, and muffins may not get too excited about pumpkin as just another squash. But this simple dish is a good and perfectly tasty education in authenticity. Not only may the Pilgrim youngsters have enjoyed this dish with their Native fellow celebrators, but they may soon have had it every single day. Like pease porridge back in England, pompion became a standing dish or something that was often cooked in large quantities then served every day as a main course. I don't know if pompion turned up hot, cold, and nine days old. 


A tin of prepared pumpkin, or cut and seed a pumpkin and steam until tender. Remove flesh from skin.

A dash of cider vinegar to taste

A sprinkling of ginger, salt, and pepper

You can add  butter to taste.

Heat ingredients gently on the stove, in a microwave, or over a huge fire in a cast iron cauldron.


  • So, you just season and bring it up to temp?

    No real "cooking"?

  • Yes, the canned pumpkin is cooked or if you steam it yourself it is also pre-cooked.

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  • Even now some people are using pumpkin as their main source of diet. Its been used as curry and some sweets and also snacks. After going through your blog some are trying to make pompion the dish of England.

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